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Meet our training aircraft - the Bellanca Citabria and Aeronca Champ:

Gloster School of Special Flying

Gloster School of Special Flying introduces students of all skill levels to critical stick and rudder skills, tailwheel flying designed to teach confidence in crosswind takeoffs and landings, approach and landings over a 50 foot obstacles, unusual flight attitudes, survival flying in critical emergency situations and short field takeoffs and landings.

During this course a tailwheel endorsement can be obtained and a flight review completed, if desired. We also offer basic flight training in light sport and private pilot categories in tailwheel and tricycle gear aircraft. Additional flight training and flying experiences are available at Gloster Aerodrome.

John A. Couch is an airline transport rated pilot who has been a flight instructor for 41 years. He has taught flying in the US, UK, Australia, and the UAE. His specialty is transitioning from tri-cycle gear aircraft to tailwheel, short field landings, takeoffs over obstacles and upset training. John also teaches transition courses from general aviation to light sport aircraft. He gives several flight reviews for airmen each year.

The Gloster School of Special Flying (GSSF) is designed to teach unique skills from beginner students as well as advanced pilots. GSSF is well positioned to transition pilots or teach new pilots to fly the Chinook line of light sport aircraft (, as well other kit aircraft. GSSF has accommodations available at Gloster Aerodrome for resident students.

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